Who is Gene Townsel, and what are his qualifications to be  my voice instructor?
The principal teacher, Gene Townsél is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a degree in vocal music. He has also attained international acclaim as a singer; performing on the stages of Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Acapulco, Buenos Aires, Aruba and Curacao to name a few. In addition to his vigorous performance schedule, Gene for some 25 years helped develop major talent at The Gene Townsél Studio Of Theatrical & Musical Arts in Los Angeles California.
When are the lessons?

Your lesson is normally once per week at the same time. However, you can take lessons twice or more per week, schedule permitting.

How long are the lessons?
If you are a beginner, then you’ll find that a 1/2 hour lesson goes by quite fast, so an hour lesson is recommended to get a better understanding of the fundamentals. If you are advanced then you’ll find that 1/2 hour can give you much to help perfect your skills, however there is no time to include performance material so you may still need an hour if working on repertoire is your desire.

If I never had lessons before, how long before I can see improvement in my singing?
You’ll be surprised how fast you learn if you regularly practice. During the twelve week program (The Quarter), most  students will have mastered many songs. Your disciplined, daily practice or the lack thereof will determine your progress.
What type  of program will I be under?
A years’ program is laid out in quarterly segments. The first quarter is non-cancelable. Afterwards a written 30 day notice is required for withdrawal.
How often should I practice?
Since music should be enjoyable, practice as much as you enjoy. However, it’s best to set up a time to practice every day,even if it’s for a short time such as 30 minutes.
Have any of your students become successful professional performers?

Yes! Over the more than 30 years of developing talent, there have been many successful artists that are alumni of my Los Angeles studio. Two of the standouts are Margaret Avery; Oscar nominated singer/actress, from the “Color Purple”, and singer/actor Damon Hines from “Lethal Weapon”.
Will I have a choice of what type of music I learn?
During the first quarter all students learn the basics. After learning how to control ones’ voice and produce a pleasant tone in the case of singing, or how to fluently read and play the assigned music in the case of playing the piano, then you can decide what direction or style you’d like to pursue.

What if I have to miss a lesson?
If notification is given 24 hours in advance of missing a lesson, a make up will be given providing the makeup can be scheduled before the next regularly scheduled lesson. If not, the lesson will be forfeited.