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Why Take Lessons At The “ Source?

 Students who study at the “Source” will benefit from the formal training and the professional experience from the 35 year career of founder/director Gene Townsél.

Students will gain

     Technical training in voice, piano and music theory.

    An advantage from the practical knowledge of an active professional.

    Confidence to realize their dreams of singing or playing.

                                                   The “Source” Extras

    5%, 10%, 15% ,20%, 25% and 30% discounts

    Personalized music instruction

    Group Lessons

    Boys Choir (Mentorship Program)

    Performance Showcases

    Online Sheet Music Music Order Desk

    Vocal and Instrumental Arrangements

    Music Engraving and Transcribing

    Lead Sheets

    Digital Recording


    Rehearsal Space


The “Source” Discount Plans

(Our base rate for voice is $180.00 a month. Below is an example of how you save by commiting to extended study)

·          Lessons taken on a quarterly basis and paid for in two equal installments receive a   5% discount. Ie. $540.00 minus 5% = $513.00 ($256.50 to start, and $256.50 due in 30 days)

     Lessons taken on a quarterly basis and paid by the quarter in advance, receive a 10% discount. Ie. $540.00 minus 10% = $486.00 due to start.

 ·          Lessons taken on a semester basis and paid each semester in advance receive a 15% discount. Ie. $1080.00 minus 15% = $918.00 due to start.

 ·          Lessons taken on a annual basis and paid for annually in advance receive a 20% discount. Ie. $2160.00 minus 20% = $1,728.00 due to start


 Music Instruction Plans, Tuition Rates & Policies

Our normal Instructional Plan is based on Twelve Months. Music educators know that it normally takes a minimum of two months for a student to really begin to enjoy and appreciate what they have learned in a music class. Based on this premise, you agree to a minimum of two months under the Twelve Month Program without withdrawal. You may withdraw from the program after your initial two months if desired by submitting a written notice to The Source 30 days in advance of your withdrawal.

 Tuition Plans:

          The Quarterly: The quarterly plan is a special discount program covering 12 weeks. This plan is discounted off the basic one hour lesson rate by 5% when paid quarterly in two equal installments; 10% when paid quarterly in  advance; 15% when paying two quarters in advance; 20% when paying annually in advance.

           The Monthly: The monthly plan is our basic program. This program is available in one hour and 1/2 hour lessons and is payable every four weeks in advance.

            The Daily: The weekly plan is designed for those who  need to be able to pay as they come. The rate schedule for  this plan is the  most expensive and has the following restrictions.

  a. All lessons must be paid in advance before an appointment can be made. (credit or debit card)

  b. There will be no make up or refunds for missed appointments.


 Missed Lessons, Rescheduling And Tardines
Missed Lessons:
  If you miss your lesson without a 24 hour notice, you  will forfeit the lesson. In the case of emergencies, consideration will be given on a case by case basis.
Credits & Refunds:
If for any reason you decide to cancel your lessons provided sufficient notice is given, you will be given redeemable credit for up to six months. This credit is transferable but no refunds will be given.


 If notification is given 24 hours in advance of missing a lesson,   a makeup will be given providing the makeup can be scheduled   before the next paid group of  lessons start. If not, the lesson(s) will be forfeited. If we for any reason have to cancel your les-  son we will make it up at the first available opening.


 If you are late for a lesson, the lesson will still end at the proper   time, as another student may be waiting.  However, if there is not another student waiting, the teacher, at his/her choice may   continue the lesson.

 If the teacher is late, then the teacher may continue the lesson   for the remaining time if  another student is not waiting or the  time will be made up at the nearest available time.
 Acts Of God:

In the event of hurricanes, storms, blackouts or any other acts   of God wherein The Source must be closed, the lost time will be   rescheduled and made up at the earliest possible time.


Voice Lessons by Gene Townsel can be one of the most important decisions you'll make for your vocal growth and development. From Jazz, Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop and Gospel to Pop,Country Musical Theater and Rock, you'll be shown how to become an effective singer through Increased Vocal Strength, High Notes Without Strain, Diaphragm Control, Intonation, Vocal Placement and Microphone Technique. Free Introductory Lessons & Online Lessons are now available. For Info Call (561)436-0868.