Melba Chenise P. April 20, 2016

Mr. Gene Townsel was a lifesaver for me! In preparation to record an album in a few weeks, a friend referred me to him. I wanted some vocal techniques and tips, but Mr. Gene provided so much more. Not only was he extremely skillful and knowledgeable in vocal coaching & musical abilities, but rendered his wisdom and patience in sharing things on the business side of the music industry, things to be aware of, how to set myself up better for success in that arena, even gave constructive input on my songwriting, to name a few things. He commits his time and talent to help students with their musical endeavors. He's fantastic at what he does, is professional, and supportively pushes his students to strive to do beyond what they think that they can and the results are priceless. Thanks so much, Mr. Gene!

Claudia A.  October 18, 2015

Mr. Townsel is an amazing teacher, he is great at what he does and I'm very happy with my son's vocal progress.

Michael O.  October 4, 2015
I have been taking keyboard harmony lessons with Gene for over a month and I am very happy with my experience thus far. It doesn't take long to see that Gene is very knowledgeable and experienced in music. He will actively challenge you during lessons but he is patient and he knows how to explain things in different ways until you can apply it to what you are trying to improve on. I have seen myself progress and I have learned a lot. It is all thanks to Gene. He is an excellent teacher and I would definitely recommend that you give his lessons a try.
Zachary G.  June 13, 2015
"Outstanding Teacher! I am a producer/artist/singer. His expertise and wisdom has taken my vocals to another level! Gene has really gotten me familiar with my voice which is also my heart. He helps you learn yourself and what you have to offer. Whether it's for karaoke or to be a super star, Gene Townsel can get you there! I have referred my friends and family to him and plan on referring more! If you want someone who will teach more than just vocals but rather the sound of life, book Gene Townsel now! What are you waiting for!"

Samantha J.  June 12, 2015
"Where do I start. I could write a book! Mr G. Is an AWESOME coach not only in voice but life as well; my vocal range has improved so much over the past 6 months; He is a stickler and will push you beyond what you think you're breaking point may be but it's all to help you reach your goal. I've heard of him for many years and finally made the decision to become a student and I don't regret it. It's well worth the investment if you're serious about perfecting your craft."

Melody W.  June 11, 2015
Gene is teaching my grandson how to play piano for now; transitioning to piano and voice later. I was impressed by the cost of the lessons. My grandson looks forward to the weekly lessons and practices daily. Gene is on time, he goes above and beyond with my grandson and the quality of his work is fantastic. Gene is a professional artist and I highly recommend him. Thank you Thumbtack! Melody White-Wiley"

Marilene A.  May 19, 2015
I can't speack english correctely, but I'm very sure that Mr.
Gene is the best voice teacher. He is patient and knows everting about his task.
Tanks Thumbtack people, for find such nice person to 
Shirley C. April 16, 2015
Gene is a wonderful, patient, kind and Talented artist! When it comes to someone like me who has never taken voice lessons before he knows how to teach and have his students find success on every lesson. He is a genuine person and knows about his art in and out and is able to show and translate that to his student with poise, feeling and success!

Kevona P.  April 8, 2015
 "I love Mr.Townsel! He is so honest and sweet, its like he's a second father"
 Colleen E.  April 7, 2015
"Just had my first lesson last night, and I was impressed with Gene's knowledge as well as the areas he has targeted for me to improve. I can't wait to see the difference he makes in my vocals."

Doug W.  March 23, 2015
Gene's methodology for teaching me how to play the piano is excellent. He stresses the importance of learning, understanding, and applying fundamental concepts and practices prior to venturing into more complex subject matter. 
Gene is a very patient man, taking the time to understand my musical background and knowledge of music (or lack thereof !), and guiding me through the very steep learning curve of advanced harmonic study as related to the piano. 
Thanks for everything, Gene!"

Rita C. March 12, 2015
Gene is a wonderful teacher. He is kind, patient and very knowledgeable. He likes what he does and he truly wants to help. He believes in me. With his encouragement, I am finding my voice! Thank you Gene!

Jill P. July 25, 2014
Gene is as genuine as they come. A true artist and gentleman (not to mention extremely talented!), he has the ability to be succinct and direct, telling me exactly what I need to do to improve my voice. I wish I could spend every day working with Gene! He knows how to explain exactly what my challenges are, and is giving me the confidence I so desperately needed. I finally feel like singing the way I've always wanted to is an attainable goal. Thank you, Gene, you are a Godsend!

Tom D. July 21, 2014
Gene is an exceptional voice teacher! I was amazed at how quickly he identified exactly what I needed to work on. He is very articulate and explains the mechanics of singing in a way that is easy to understand. In only 3 months of weekly lessons, I improved more than in 20 years of singing. You won't find a better teacher than Gene and I recommend him without reservation!

Deborah K. June 3, 2014
Gene is a very experienced teacher. He tells it like it is and is very good at explaining. I would highly recommend his services. I have been a weekly student now over four months and I really feel like I'm finally moving in the right direction!
Rik S. May 2, 2014
Gene knows his stuff. He's given me some concrete tips on how to project better, and he's got me practicing. (I hate him for that) ;>)
He's the goods, I recommend him. And he's a nice guy.
March 18, 2014           
I took 3 semesters of voice coaching with Mr. Townsel. In that time I gained virtually an octave in range, strengthened my voice, and increased my knowledge of music and confidence. I highly recommend his services to anyone with an interest in signing. 

Ruth R. March 16, 2014

My experience was excellent, Gene was tough on me but needed it to be that way for me to accomplish my goal of singing in a band which I did successfully for 5 years after Gene's instructions/lessons. He made me feel comfortable and confident.
I did his singer's workshop which was very helpful to me and met with people who gave me advice as well. He was a pleasure to know and work with.

Maria P. March 12, 2014

I came seeking clarity, confidence & techniques to my abilities
The only thing I knew for sure when I walked into His studio, was I had not only made the right choice, but had chose the right person in my endevors.
Im more than satisfied with his capibilites, talents, knowelege of music & his Anointing to do what he does. He can only do what he does cause God is with him.
It far exceeded my expectations!!!!!
 Sh'Kia D. March 12, 2014
Gene Townsel is a very skilled, experienced, and knowledgable musician and vocal coach. As a student, the most important things I learned from him was building self confidence in my ability to sing, hard work and practice, and challenge myself. He also knows a great deal about the music industry and how's things operate and is open to sharing his own experiences. He serves as a mentor musically and is always willing to help you develop as far as you could possibly dream if you work hard! He's strict when it comes to practice and expects you to do your part, but if you do that, he will stick with you until you are comfortable with your voice and beyond!


 February 18, 2014

I have been studying voice with Gene for 4 months.
Very early in he was able to zero in on a problem with my voice I had been unable to correct. We have already made great strides in overcoming this situation. He does this with his expertece, patients and a very special gift of explaining his tecnique. I am so happy to be working with Gene.
 October 28, 2013 

My daughter was going to an established music school and being taught by a young lady who had no teaching experience. She asked for the experienced teacher but was given the young lady anyway. She just seemed to screech out songs. We almost gave up thinking well maybe she just cant sing. Thank God we did a search voice teachers in Deerfield and found this website. My daughter went to Mr Townsel and it was amazing! He actually teaches! He described so articulately how to sing while demonstrating how to breathe correctly and suddenly her voice came out! His method of teaching is so amazing and his way of explaining to my daughter who is a little shy how to find her voice was awesome! She had lost her confidence but Mr Townsel made her feel comfortable and yet challenged her. He is excellent! We are sooo happy we found him!
October 25, 2013 

Gene is very knowledgeable and patient with new students. He makes sure to understand what your goals as a musician are and knows what to do to help get you there.
September 17, 2013


 I took Gene's classes for a year and it changed the whole sound of my
voice, and we would argue because I was not understanding what he was
trying to get through to me...I'm glad that he wins arguments, I'm now
producing a show at the Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, California...Thanks

  August 15, 2013

          Pastor Townsel is currently my daughter and son piano lesson instructor. He                 is  firm but, a very loving instructor. They both look forward to their lesson each    week.

  • Heather Apr 27, 2013

    I would highly recommend Mr. Gene Townsel to anyone who is looking for music instruction. My daughter has been taking lessons from him for 2 years now. He is a seasoned musician who has taught my daughter technique as well schooled her on the music business and life in general. He is a caring teacher who has my full recommendation.

  • Jake Mar 27, 2013

  • Gene worked with my 17-year-old son to help him develop his voice. He learned so much from him and he is a wonderful instructor. I highly recommend him as a voice coach.

  • Christina Jan 21, 2013

    Mr Townsel was my piano instructor, who taught me the fundamentals music theory and technique. Mr. Townsel was always patient, passionate and caring. I'm a better musician because of my work with him!

  • William Jan 21, 2013

    You are an excellent teacher. I learned a lot in the short time I spent taking lessons.

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