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01 - 23rd Psalm (Anthem)

002 - How Can You Say You Love Jesus (Gospel)

003 - Saved By The Grace (Gospel)

004 - Thus Saith The Lord (Contemporary Anthem)

005 - Go Down Moses (Spiritual)

006 - I Shall Know Him (Hymn)

007 - He'll Fight Your Battle (Gospel)

008 - Hallelujah A King Is Born (From The Christmas Oratorio Hark The Anointed Comes)

009 - Praise Of Thanks (Praise)

010 - Blessing, A Blessing (Gospel)

011 - Let The Trumpets Praise The Lord (Anthem)

012 - Testify (Gospel)

013 - Holy Conception (From The Christmas Oratorio Hark The Anointed Comes)

014 - Testimony (Gospel)

015 - Oh Give Thanks (Gospel)

016 - Spirit Medley (Hymn)

017 - Christ Be With Me (Anthem)

All Choral Compositions Are Scored For Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Bass With Piano Accompaniment And Are priced @ 1-9 CopiesFor $3.00 Each, Or 10-49 For $2.50 Each Or 50 + Copies For $2.00

018 - Hark The Anointed Comes (Christmas Oratorio With Narative In Book Form)

  • Prelude In D Minor
  • Hark The Anointed Comes
  • Holy Conception
  • Leap, Leap, Leap For Joy
  • Quitely As You Go
  • Joseph, This Child Is Mine
  • Alleluia, Alleluia
  • Hallelujah A King Is Born
  • And The Star Showed The Way
  • Hallelujah, Amen

All songs From This Work Are Available In Individual Scores

Orchestral Score And Parts Available For Rent Or Sale

The Hark The Anointed Comes Choral Score, Complete With Narative Is Available For $20.00

019 - 23rd Psalm Cassette (Compilation of first published choral works performed by the Choral Connection 1984)
  • 23rd Psalm
  • How Can You Say You Love Jesus
  • Saved By The Grace
  • Thus Saith The Lord
  • Go Down Moses
  • I Shall Know Him
  • He'll Fight Your Battles

23rd Psalm Cassette - $8.95

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